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Flicker is an innovative multi-media dance piece that combines graphic design with vividly rich imagery that represents the mystical realm portrayed through coastal masked danceJust as light shimmers, Flicker represents the moments through which one can cross space and time, as the masked dancers journey in and out of the world of their ancestors.

Flicker, as embodied in the main character in this piece, illustrates how we access our true self, one’s self without limitations. The journey is a learning process by which one acquires the ability to attain their ancestral gifts and strengthens their capacity to create change.

It is through continual and diligent practice that Indigenous dance endures as non-static and relevant to current innovation, influence, and insights. Flicker bridges artistic practices, including coastal, powwow, and contemporary Indigenous dance. Through these intersections, Flicker explores the diversity of dance and reflects the complexity of contemporary Indigenous identities.


In Abundance

The Dancers of Damelahamid’s dance piece for young audiences is In Abundance. The main theme of the dance piece is based on the salmon cycle, and it also conveys important cultural teachings on balance, community and sustainability. The salmon symbolize abundance and are a key reminder of the importance to value and protect this essential resource. The final teaching of In Abundance is that when we take only what we need there is plenty for all, including the salmon needed to spawn for the next year’s cycle.


Spirit Transforming

Spirit Transforming is a signature multimedia dance work by the Dancers of Damelahamid, marking the culmination of the company’s creative visioning from 2003 to 2013. 

“There is a process in which one moves within to come out again as another, it is a process of re-birth. It is only when in these in-between places that we have the ability to redefine ourselves and move forward...this describes the process of Luu hlotitxw”

Luu hlotitxw, roughly translated as Spirit Transforming, describes the ‘in-between places’, and forms the premise of the artistic processes of this dance piece. Indigenous dance practices will not transform set boundaries unless Indigenous peoples are in a place of transformation to redefine ourselves. The dance work Spirit Transforming is an exploration and celebration of the magnificence of who Indigenous peoples are and what that transcends. Deeply rooted in the timeless dance traditions of the Northwest Coast, this work shares a very personal journey of re-birth and brings forth the rich expression of coastal dance, transformed.